Abe Health is the app you need to live with IBS
We provide:

  • A free diagnostic tool to help you understand what you can do right now.
  • A personalized FODMAP plan that makes setting diet goals easier.
  • Symptoms tracking and trends analysis to solve problems from abdominal cramping to nausea.
Start with a free diagnostic assessment to determine if you need to see a doctor, run some medical tests, or just keep tracking your food log to find and eliminate any triggers.

We also provide a personalized FODMAP plan for $20 a month that keeps track of your habits and preferences! It's easy to stay on track with Abe-Health because we help you create a tasty diet plan tailored to your preferences.
Symptom checker
Triggers analysis
Personalized FOODMAP diet plan
Price per month*
*Get 40% discount for annual plan
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