Which Diet Is the Best for Weight Loss

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There are a multitude of branded diets available on the market, promising weight loss if you follow their guidelines. They can be roughly divided into low-carb, low-fat, high-protein, and intermittent fasting categories. Each diet has its adherents and detractors, so if you are trying to choose one based on online commentary, you are in for some difficult and faith-based decisions. The truth is much simpler than that: there is no single best diet that works equally well for everyone and has the best weight-loss results hands down.

The results of long-term (up to 15 months), free-living, randomized controlled trials that were designed to test the effectiveness of various diets in a real-world setting showed no significant difference in weight loss between the different diets. Therefore, the most effective diet in terms of weight loss will be the one that a person can comfortably follow for life.

Moreover, consuming a wider range of nutrient-dense foods can promote healthy eating patterns, leading to improved nutritional quality and metabolic health. This means that if you are looking to lose weight and keep yourself healthy, you’ll be better off avoiding diets with severe restrictions on certain groups of products. For example, carbs restriction remains one of the most popular methods of weight loss, but long-term restrictions of such kind can have an adverse effect on your body, including increased cortisol (stress hormone) levels (that can be remedied with introduction of additional carbohydrates), impaired mood, and suppressed thyroid and immune function. Additionally, a clinical trial of a carbohydrate-rich and low-fat plant-based diet has shown that increased carbs and fibre intake are associated with beneficial effects on weight, body composition, and insulin resistance.