How AI can help with pain, the problem of thousands of parameters?

AI algorithms can generate engaging texts, stunning images, and compelling videos. But let's focus on how they can aid in prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation in your situation.

1. Each health condition is typically marked by distinct symptoms. These may include pain in a specific area, visible changes such as redness, or general alterations in the body state like fever. A single health condition can exhibit dozens of different symptoms during a specific period. Let’s assume that we need to establish 10 symptoms.

2. Interpreting or diagnosing based on symptom data is often detailed in medical papers available online, such as on PubMed or in the Clinical guidelines. Interestingly, it's common for the same set of symptoms to be interpreted differently. Let’s roughly assume that we have to analyse 10 medical papers per symptom.

3. A diagnosis is typically the most educated guess from a specialist, based on the data they have. More data is better but even the best specialists are limited in capacity to analyse it. Usually treatment plans are based on the most critical symptoms and the Clinical guidelines. Let’s assume that specialists should make a best guess from 10 potential health conditions.

Here, we already have a task with 10 x 10 x 10 = 1,000 parameters that need to be considered to assist you.

4. What if the diagnosis is incorrect, health conditions don't improve, and the pain persists? The specialist should continuously monitor the patient, gather more data, and adjust the treatment as needed.

What if we need to use data from medical or fitness devices, such as HR and ECG monitors, which could generate an additional 1,000 parameters per day?

What if we need to consider your diet, where a single portion of food could generate 150 micro/macro nutrients data?

What if we need to consider your life circumstances that might change almost daily.

"What if" could be endless because we're all so different. The beauty of AI lies in its specially designed algorithms, which analyze vast amounts of data to save lives and realize dreams.

Our team at Abe Health, in collaboration with St James Hospital, proudly offers free AI-based assessments to solve problems of thousands of parameters.

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