Kettlebell Exercises as Universal Workout for All Muscle Groups

Tips & tricks
Universal workout routines that help to advance all muscle groups and physical qualities simultaneously are the holy grail of fitness, and we are constantly in search of new ones. Well, here’s one for you – the kettlebell exercises. High-repetition (at least 15-20 reps per set) kettlebell exercises promote both strength and endurance.

Practicing with kettlebells will cause your body to:
  1. Improve bone density
  2. Increase muscle size and strength
  3. Improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your cardiovascular system, meaning that you can absorb and circulate more oxygen to working muscles.

Here are the three kettlebell exercises that you should add to your workout routine if concurrent training is your thing:

Kettlebell Jerk 
This exercise is performed in two steps: first, the kettlebells are brought to the clean rack position on the chest, and second, the kettlebells are bumped up onto straight arms.

Kettlebell Jerk exercise instruction

Kettlebell Snatch
In this exercise, the kettlebell is lifted up onto a straight arm in one continuous movement.

Kettlebell Snatch exercise instruction

Kettlebell Long Cycle
In this routine, the kettlebells are first brought into the clean rack position on the chest; then, the kettlebells are bumped up onto straight arms; finally, the kettlebells are dropped to the rack position, and then to the back swing.

Kettlebell Long Cycle exercise instruction

You can see that all muscle groups are involved in the workout, which means that kettlebell exercises enable you to maintain excellent physical shape all year round. Building up your stamina and endurance is one additional bonus, while strengthening your ligaments and muscles is another. What a win-win situation from just three great exercises.

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