Combining science and personalisation. Enjoy eating smart with Abe.
Achieve your goals
Eat what you love
Relax. Take it easy
Each plan is powered by AI and reviewed by world class certified nutritionists.
Personalised meal plans based on your preferences.
AI adjusts the menu to fit your needs and habits even if you don't stick to the plan.
Tell us your goal
Thanks to AI and nutritionists’ supervision, Abe will help you to gradually achieve your goal and secure the results.
Weight loss
Ease my periods
Instil healthy
eating habits
Work out a balanced menu
Mitigate the effects of allergies
Create and follow your unique healthy lifestyle under delicate supervision of certified nutrition experts and trained AI.
Personal Insights
Using the information about goals, the insights into your eating patterns, and other data we have about you, Abe Health generates optimal recommendations that are pertinent to your lifestyle, circumstances, budget, location, and season. Abe’s AI algorithms are capable of analysing and decomposing your menu into 150+ nutrients to create an optimal meal plan.
Review by a certified professional
Your meal plans are always reviewed by certified nutritionists and other specialists, who correct them on a weekly basis (or on demand), and are there to answer your questions.
Constant feedback loop
You receive a personalised meal plan tailored to your specific needs to prevent any discomfort on your part. As time goes by and you give us feedback by way of keeping your food diary and communicating with us directly, the recommendations are updated and improved.
Abe is here for you
Abe will work out the most optimal plan for you whether you are busy all week at work or plan to have fun at a party. Abe won’t judge you if you won’t be able to stick to the plan, our mission is to support and help you by adjusting our recommendations and plans to your lifestyle.
Abe fits different lifestyles and goals
$25 per month
Oh, the stressful Monday to Friday job! My workday diet consists of sandwiches and street food. Every weekend, I resolve to start my usual heavy recovery routine and resolve to give more thought to my health-related habits, but the challenges are too overwhelming…

>>> Try the Support package. Delicate support in developing healthy eating habits. We’ll be there whenever you feel you need us.

$50 per month
Hola! Generally, I’m fine, but, honestly, I see the potential for improving my wellbeing. I do actually have some unhealthy habits, especially when stressed, and sometimes I snack on too much junk food… But I’m ready to invest in myself and make an effort! So, what’s the plan? :)

>>> Choose the Progress package. Regular traction of your health state and weekly meal plans reviewed by our nutritionists. Abe provides you with support and advice in your journey to healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.
$100 per month
OMG, my skin is behaving like I am 14! I am ready to do everything that will be required to deal with this pesky health issue.

>>> To solve your problem we’ll gather the consilium of nutritionists who specialise in your problem area (up to 3 experts) to develop the most holistic approach. Once the health issue is resolved, you can slow down and move to the Support or Progress package to keep your progress moving, but at a different pace.

Subscription plans

Overall, depending on your condition and needs, a nutritionist consultation can cost $100-$200 per hour and more. And often, this price doesn't even include meal plan creation!

Abe supports you in improving your nutrition for as low as $25 a month, including health insights and regular meal adjustments!

Dedicated nutritionist
Weekly meal plans
(up to 2 a month)
Health status alerts
Once a week
Once a week
Once a day