AI-based solution for nutrition experts
Easy and fast way to generate optimal weight-loss plans, and help clients to stay on track.
Create optimal plans in few steps
Access one of the most detailed and up-to-date nutrition database
Get alerts and smart suggestions to help your clients stay on track
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Abe's algorithms are based on comprehensive academic data. Our structured database contains detailed information on 10,000+ products across 150+ nutrients. Hence, Abe takes into account not only amount of calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, but 150+ components to create optimal personalized plan.
We know that not every client sticks to their prescribed plan. Abe notifies you in cases of inconsistencies and drawbacks and offers alternative strategies to return on track and adjust individual programs.
Abe Nutrition helps to evaluate and adjust your clients’ eating habits regarding cultural, regional and seasonal differences, food intolerances, allergies and health complications. And if you choose a specific diet for your client (vegan, Nordic, keto), we will help you create a nutrition plan that contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids and more. More details.
Abe algorithms allows to reduce amount of required inputs both from the client's and expert's side. No more need to push and remind your clients to log each gram while still maintaining long-strategy goal on track.
Abe helps nutritionists to save up to 65% of their time spent on routine tasks and manage 5 times more clients
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Abe platform is developed by the international teams of experienced health nutritionists and ML engineers. We are proud to make this world a better and healthier place.
We're all different. Abe provides insights for plan creation and correction not only on standards but using data what client likes, what works for the client or more fits to it's current life circumstances.
CBT data is a key to build healthy habits throughout life. Abe uses it to for an automatic plan generation and recommendations to achieve client goals in the most effective way.
Abe uses dynamic plan approach. If a client eats something against plan Abe could adjust the next meals to compensate it with a permission of specialist.
Specialist can define rules to generate alerts if registered client behavioural could damage its health.
Specialist can test e.g. meal plan on a virtual model of a client before sharing and see how it could potentially work.