AI-based Solution for Personal Trainers
Abe helps you make sure that clients stay with you after the first screening, six months down the road, and even after several years of training.
  • Data input for clients is made easy.
  • Tracking their progress is automated.
  • Individualised training plans suggested by Abe algorithms are based on real science and best practices.

As a result, clients keep on training and recommend their trainers to friends.
Why do trainers choose Abe?
We integrate all available data: from the client’s weight and height to their favourite exercises.

Using machine learning, we predict the optimal training volume, duration and intensity for every session. This helps to avoid overtraining, dissatisfaction with lack of progress, injuries, and failing motivation.
How does it work?
  • Exercise physiology
  • American College of Sports Medicine guides
  • Biomechanics of human body
  • Training results
  • Personal preferences
  • Rating of perceived exertion
Truly evidence-based approach
  • Personal best forecast.
  • Automatic addition of warm-up and cool-down routines for training sessions.
  • Monitoring of workout progress and reminders.
  • Tips for selecting exercises that match the clients’ goals and preferences.
  • Correction to personal training plans in the event of no-show, etc.
Use Abe AI for these cool features
We believe that the trainers’ work is to guide and inspire their clients. Be creative, grow your expertise. Let Abe take care of all the boring tasks like data input, calculations, and notifications. Together, we can be a perfect combination of human ingenuity and machine prowess.
So, where do I fit in?
1 client
  • 7 free days
1-30 clients
  • $1.25 per week per client
30+ clients
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