Our platform connects patients and doctors with the use of time-saving algorithms for faster diagnostics and provides the users with options for personalized and effective treatment. Patients and healthcare professionals both benefit from our system – invest in your health today.
Welcome to Abe – your one-stop solution for better personal healthcare and wellbeing
Appointment confirmation:
  • Doctor
  • Time
  • Request to fill out questionnaire
Patients are in pain, stressed and feel bad
Straight to Treatment
  • Questionnaire is done
  • Doctor visit
  • Information is available to doctor ahead of time, so no time is wasted during face-to-face
Personalize treatment through feedback using our app:

  • Get a treatment plan
  • Send feedback on progress to app
  • Doctor can adjust treatment without the need for face-to-face
Long-term investment in yourself
  • Healthy client
  • Ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle – daily runs, healthy diet, and more
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